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Originally Posted by Off Road Ryder View Post
I absolutely love these lights. one light can be configured in several different beam patterns and colors via the replaceable polycarbonate filters that snap on the front of the light. A rider can mix and match to truly tune their lighting for any condition.

The longest distance LED aux light in existence, built tough to last.
Dimmable with the skene dimmer.

Team Heavyweights all ran these at the 24hr and had the best lighting at the event.

The cones in these photos are at 100 ft intervals with the truck parked at 600 ft and the gate slightly more than 900 ft.

Here are the Long Range Extreme with no filters

The Extreme LEDs with the Amber spot filters

The Same Extreme LED lights with the clear flood filters installed
Ok I'm confused
Are these the 10 watt or the 25 watt?

Heading home tonite from Alaska, so hopefully I'll have mine mounted in a few days

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