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Originally Posted by mjtir View Post
That's great news.

You see i want to replace my aux halogen lights and since all cables are in place ,i do not want to mess again with them.

Nevertheless i'll check again skene's dimmer to figure out how it could take place in existing implementation.
Do you currently have a dimmer setup? Other than possibly the dimmer the Long Range lights will be adaptable into your existing halogen wire harness.

Originally Posted by Ned Kelly View Post
I'd like to compliment you on the lighting pics (with the cones, pickup, and gate) that you have done. These objects give us a nice known reference size at distance so we can make a good judgement on the light performance. Not sure if it was intentional, but it was EXCELLENT that you used a black pickup truck! That really gives us a good indicator how powerful these 25w lights are (post #703 in this thread). A white pickup would have been easy to see, but it takes a lot of light to make a black pickup become identifiable in pitch black environment at 600ft. Excellent demonstration in real world terms! Thank you!
Thank you Ned. Im learning. Thanks to all you ADV members and your great sugestions
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