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Thanks for helping put this on Mike. I ve only raced the last 3 years and last year was the best course yet. That main bottle neck thinned the herd in a hurry. Lol.

I would like you to think about enforcing the bibs being visible. I had a rider whom I was pacing on my second lap cut the course around mile marker 9. Just went left up and over the hill... cut out probably two miles. when I told the guy at the check what I saw he asked me for his bib number. I could only tell him he's was wearing a blue backpack over his bib. Couldn't see his bib number completely. The guy ended up few guys in front of me. Weird situation to ride the race knowing the guy your chasing cheated... had to think real hard to keep my head on straight...

I like the rule about the race winner and second Lappers. Didn't seem like people knew about it and were upset. I like it.

My goal this year is under 4hours... not including waiting to go thru the finish

Thanks Luke.
We do our best to create a course that is not conducive to cheating as you witnessed but some people just have to cheat to feel better.

I looked at a map where you think you were...on the other side of the road crossing still?
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