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Originally Posted by DirtyPatches View Post
...........Slowly accumulating gear, wondering if the some seasoned riders have any tips? KLR specific, tools/ gear/ etc.? ....

Tools, the regular factory set, but I never get into them. In my tool tube, I carry a large crescent wrench large enough to handle the axle nuts and sprocket nut. Also a small 1/8 drive set of sockets and a multi-allen wrench tool. A few spare nuts & bolts, baling wire, duct tape, master clip, multi screw driver, and J-B Weld. Leatherman or similar on your belt. When your KLR foot pegs strip their nuts/bolts, you will understand the bailing wire (and wire stolen from farmer John's fence with your Leatherman). Spare fuses (don't forget the fan fuse under the right front fairing panel.) I also carry a compact volt/ohm/meter.

If you backpack, you're probably set up for camping gear/cooking. Compact and light weight is the key, but don't scrimp at the expense of comfort. I use a hammock which can be ground set if necessary. It consist of the hammock, a separate fly and bug net system. I've seen everything from bivy sacks/bags to tents you can park your BMW in. Its mostly BMW people who use that type.

I use a 0-deg bag, but its overkill for most summer work, but a plus in early June and September. A compression sack goes a long way to compacting a bit big bag. I use an old Thermarest not only for the ground, but needed for lower insulation for hammock camping. I carry a collapsible hiking stick for a ground level support when not trees. Also worked well as a cane/crutch for a co-rider who rode a week with a broken ankle last fall.

I use a white gas stove. I see a lot of the canister gas stoves, though and have one I have tried. Canisters need to be kept in your sleeping bag if the temp is close to freezing. A can of PAM helps and also works as a tire lube and especially for bears. (Sprayed on your buddies back when not looking and around his tent - especially butter flavored). I don't do much freeze dried. Tend to pick up eggs every day for breakfast, dehydrated hash browns, cheese sauce. instant coffee. The dry noodle dinners of various sorts for dinner along with the small cans of chicken, tuna, or beef as an add-in. Lunches - usually a lunch bar etc. Been known to pick up corn on the cob and baking potatoes if a campfire is available. (Don't forget some aluminum foil folded up).

We usually have lunch opportunities on long route rides like the BOM and occasionally breakfast opportunities. I pick up water when gassing or lunch, but carry a water pump/filter. Carry a small back pack with a hydration bag - drink as you ride to stay well hydrated.

I wear only light nylon pants and black or blue synthetic first layers that can serve as swimming trunks. Only one or two extra sets, but maybe 3 or 4 pairs of socks. Synthetics dry off quickly. I've been known to wash everything I'm wearing while I'm wearing it and drive dry. AND of course ATGATT outerwear. I use shin/knee guard as well. Spare pair of gloves for when you loose one glove.

I find a small can of Fabreeze is a God-send. Clothes bag, sleeping bag, tent, and of course, boots. Bio-degradable soap for dishes etc. A couple of smaller microfiber towels. Plane old handkerchief. Light water shoes for around camp. I also carry a Joey Chair, but if your ride a BMW, you have to have a Kermit Chair.

You live close by. Feel free to PM me and stop by some time to chat.
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