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Originally Posted by dryvr12 View Post
Hey guys. I recently purchased a peach of a dr250. Shes a 92 dr250 with 3950 miles on her! I thought I paid a fair price at $950, but upon reading some of the posts on here, I got one hell of a deal! This is my first bike and will hopefully serve as more economical transportation to and from school.

I do not have many big plans for the bike, however I still would like to change a few things to better suite my needs. I would like to lower the bike a bit with the Kouba #3 link, since the bike will be used almost exclusively on pavement.

I also want to replace the turn signals, indicator lights, and possible the brake light with led's. The headlight will get upgraded to a Slyvania silverstar 9003 as well.

I will also be in the market for some street oriented tires, as the brand new Kenda's won't hold up long.

I may also add a rear rack depending on when I get tired of carrying things in my backpack

Here are a few pictures that I grabbed of her the other day:

Great first post!

I will share a little with you.

Lowering your bike sucks. Kobota links are expensive. If you really want to lower your bike try dialing down the preload on the shock first. Also drop the forks lower in the clamps. I know people will say it is not the proper way. Low pre load sucks, blah blah blah... But it is free. If you really want a K link PM me, I will sell you the over priced chunk of aluminum.

See that the bike has no turn signals, or tail light at all. Adding these things to missing wiring might be difficult. LEDs add their own set of problems. Read the vendor ad linked in my sig line. Gives you a lot of info on running LED turn signals.

For the tail lights LEDs are not as much of an issue. The tail light is also the brake light. Make sure you have a 3 wire assembly/bulb.

The headlight bulb on these are H4, not 9003. They might make drop in upgrades. Most that really upgrade do so with a HID.

For an inexpensive good street tire do not overlook the Shinko 244. Even the 700 something version though I have no experience with those.

Luggage rack. Most will bolt to the rear grab bar. Yours looks bent. Assumed some one flipped the bike wheeling and broke off the tail light, turn signals, and bent the grab bar. YOu are going to need to bend that back or replace. When replacing know that their are two varieties. You have the steel street model with the turn signal mounting tab. The other is aluminum off the off road model. Not ideal for supporting a rack and missing the turnsignal mounts used to mount some of the racks.

Below the grab bar there is a rear fender support. Your is most likely missing. Without it supporting the grab bar it was easily bent. The support is there mainly to hold up the license plate bracket which you don't have and most delete, but IMO it is an integral part in supporting the grab bar if it is to be used as a rack mount. Tons of these available on e-bay, or PM me, I have several.

Welcome to the world of DR. Much can be learned from this thread alone.
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