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Someone wanna school me on what a "poker run" means?? Never participated in amy event/ride sort of thing beforw. What are the main differences between the ADV and Iron man runs besides technicality of the course. Or is that the only difference?
You run around to different checkpoints, all on the trail, easy to follow, follow the guy ahead of you (oh, you're fast? lol, you won't be "in the lead"), or it's marked. At each check point you reach into a bucket and pull a card (it's not like a deck of cards, but it's cards, you'll figure it out, I promise). They read your card, punch it, and you're on your way. Best hands at the end of the day win prizes. I haven't had anything worth even checking either time I went (once, I wasn't even best hand in camp, the other time, I didn't finish).

Iron man includes a couple of obstacles that are a bit more intense than the family loop.

The ADV versions include areas you can't get to without a plated bike, and usually more miles, and from what I hear less whoops (but I also hear that's just a rumor).

With the ADV versions, you run a loop of the family run or the iron man run, then either the A or B loop (they have a "big bike" loop, and a "plated dirt bike" loop).
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