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Originally Posted by One Fat Roach View Post
tHank you koorbloh and Luke!! Sounds enticing. Looks like I need to make a decision on DS or Iron Man
Hey One Fat Roach,

You changed your name?? Anyway, I would recommend the DS for you. Especially if you are planning to ride your KLR all the way over there and back. You can do the Iron Man or Family course on the property (if you choose to) and then head out for the DS only stuff off the property. At least that is how it was in the past. The trails they ran last year outside the property were real nice. I can't wait to rip them up on my 500 this year!

The D100 is a cool experience. I always enjoy running into people I know from all over the PNW when I am over there. You should watch the start of the race on Sunday too. It is pretty awesome watching all those riders head straight for one spot!

See you there!
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