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Oh man, that sidecar rig looks awesome! The foot, on the other hand, looks like the bottom of a hardware drawer...

I'm seeing big gains since doing regular physical therapy and getting a YMCA membership, and doing 3 weekly workouts in the pool. My PT prescribed an exercise routine that makes me look like I am doing Monty Python skits in the lap pool...but darn if it doesn't help. My walking has increased as well, and has gotten easier...up to 3 miles a day now, with fancy insoles and new running shoes. Sadly my Sidi Crossfires don't fit my left foot anymore--too narrow--and I'll have to hunt around for a size 42 (old ones were 41s).

I still have a fair bit of pain, especially at the base of the toe joints and in the area where the bone screws were inserted to stabilize the first metatarsal. Nonetheless, ibuprofen, icing after exertion, and PT have done wonders. Hoping to get back on a bike for short rides soon. I did cheat and kickstart the old DR350 the other day...
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