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Yo KillerD,

I had lunch with one of the inmates after we met at you place, and we both commented about the acoustics you inherited with that building. It was bad before you moved in. You could use some sound damping inside. My hip shot horse sense tells me the sound waves are bouncing all over from the glass windows, the glass on all the pictures, and all the open area at ceiling area.
Some ways to dampen the sound waves would be to add cloth item to walls or hang them from the ceiling. I am thinking sport jerseys since its a sports bar. A cool mobile sp? hanging from the ceiling would also be cool.
Yeah the acoustics suck. We're planning on installing acoustic panels when we remodel. Just have to be able to afford a remodel first. Problem with jerseys and such is they're a nightmare to keep clean if they aren't framed.

So who's plannin on comin tomorrow?
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