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Fort Hoskins Return Loop Out West

"Had a nice return trip better suited for longer days and warmer weather, but a nice ride anyway. Might be the best ride this year yet."
That was last week. (2.2.2014)

Now that there is no chance of anyone riding my return trip this weekend that I need to worry about, I will let the cat out of the bag on one fun, for me anyway, return trip from the Fort.
I have been wanting to add a thyme to the route, and as an added attraction, I want to go past as many WigWam logging burners as possible.
Note:It's not paved all the way. Don't take your shiny street bike!

Fort Hoskins>Summit>Nashville,WW north east of intersection>Siletz>Toledo, should be a WW here>Elk City,WW 1/8 mile down stream on the other side of the river, in the trees>
>Harlen, WW 1 1/2 mile east of Harlan on left (north) side of the road>Marys Peak and Hwy 34.

This was 2 hours 10 min. from the Fort, w/ out stops, and my knowledge of the roads.
At this junction (Marys Peak road and Hwy 34) the guys from the south can return thru Alsea Falls > Monroe. There is a WW in Dawson for the more adventurous....
Guys going east and north can turn left to Philomath to see Clemens Mill WW.
Now to get the XR650R out for that flat track I want in the back yard while we have all this snow! Zoob? You game? Or your place?

If you know of any more WigWams that can be added to this route, please chime in.
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