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Originally Posted by Sethro303 View Post
Great video. You were really throwing it down, what was your average speed?
My total time was 3:16 for 50miles. Subtract 15-20min waiting in queue to officially cross the finish line and I *think* second wave riders still have the same start time as the first wave guys despite starting 15mins after (I'm sure one of the Stumpjumpers in the thread can clarify). So 2:40 for 50miles = 20mph-ish. Getting caught up in a few bottle necks and having sub-par cardio definitely slowed things down. Certainly not blazing fast and I can see lots of places I could have and should have been a lot faster but like I said, happy to just finish that race, it was a battle on a 500lb bike. I got beat up! Felt like I got hit by a truck when I finished

Jeremy and Radik were 2:36 and 2:48. They (and Darryl) are on a different level. I'm playing touch football and they are playing in the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by wizze View Post
That's how you make a video! Some of that looked gnarly for an adventure bike. Was thinking about the 800 but I think I would have more fun on the KTM. As long as you don't pass me.
There were some sections that were a bit daunting on the big bike but nothing super crazy. It felt pretty good passing dirtbikes in some of the technical sections (of course I had a ton of them pass me too).

Originally Posted by Gregulator View Post
Ok yup, after that video I'm definitely doing the race. Nice.
The more the merrier! It'd be cool to have a couple dozen guys in the ADV class, would certainly attract some more prize donations

Originally Posted by mx813 View Post
If I were to race the ADV class, the 690 would be the way to go.
Out of curiosity, how did you guys come up with the 652cc min as the class guideline, rather than say twins or minimum weight?

Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post
Nice video! Were you using your horn much??
I didn't think about it until after, I should have been using it whenever I passed someone. That'll happen this year.

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