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Originally Posted by XB12R View Post
I'm the OP, I ended up going with the T63's. My riding is 60% dirt and they worked just fine. The knobs are spaced far apart and I thought they'd be noisy and vibrate some but they were smooth and quite. I wish I had the milage numbers with me but I don't. I'm guessing I'll have about 4,000 on them when they get replaced. Good tire, no complaints. My next set will be the Pirelli MT43's. I heard great things about them and mounted a set on my Beta trials bike just to try them out. So far I'm pleased with them and I can see no reason not to put them on the WR.
You don't want to use MT 43s for Adventure travel with any kind of luggage load, they will come apart due to the soft sidewall... I have even seen them suffer a failure on a lightly loaded bike traveling on a smooth hwy, the heat build up along with the soft carcass killed them..

There a great tire if your running light and doing lots trail and slower riding...
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