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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
What's so different about the XR compared to the 690? Similar weight, about 310 lbs. Similar power too.....isn't it?
Don't get me wrong, anybody, I could care less who races in the ADV class, nor could I care less if I finish on the podium and a 690 does. It just seems a bit rude to include the 690, and not include a KLR or XR650.

Originally Posted by Camel ADV View Post
Tweaking rules to keep the 690 out is a moot point .......
......seems to me the whole point of this class is racing with the wrong equipment and doing it with a big smile on your race.
This ^^^^^

Originally Posted by Camel ADV View Post
Being that it's a struggle to find enough guys wanting to race, why not open up the rules or make exceptions. Keep the 652cc min but wave it for certain bikes like the KLR650, 650 V-Strom, DR650 (others?).
KLR & DL650 & 1000 V-Strom sure seem like Adventure bikes to me.
They are often seen full of luggage...
...and often purchased for the purpose of what WE call Adventure Touring
(WABDR, OBCDR etc, compared to what ex-Harley guys call Adv Touring...).

The XR, 690E, and DR650, not as much.
But whatevah....LET'S RIDE !!!!!
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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