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I did this mod the other day using the method outlined by TXjames, it works great, great stereo, no buzz and a jack that will long outlive that crappy afterthough extendo jack.

Thanks to all who posted data on this mod.

Originally Posted by TXjames View Post
Excellent post genka!
My buddy approached it a bit differently by replacing the output and relocating it to the bottom of the baseplate. He did an excellent repair but I was stuck on the same idea that genka had.

I simply reused the broken wires

and jumpered the normal output to the appropriate sides on the fixed audio jack. However, I did replace the ground with a shielded wire.

Note that the right channel is not visible because it's under the ground wire. And I didn't have to add the 75 Ω resistors because they were already there.

Fortunately, I found this thread before attacking. Already knowing which traces to cut (to keep from shorting the aux in with the earbud out) saved me some time.

My observations of repurposing the aux in as the earbud output:
1. It's difficult to locate the new output in everyday use; with the baseplate mounted to the side of your head and motorcycle gloves on.
2. The microphone wire needs to be routed with attention so that it does not get in the way while plugging in the headphones.
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