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Originally Posted by CrackedCanyon View Post
Zuber, we haven't met yet - but could you say just a little about what you like about the Pirelli's (which ones?) and TKC's? I'm new to riding, have a KLR that for now I'll be riding mostly in fairly easy dirt/gravel (riding pavement getting there) and am trying to decide between MT21's, TKC's, Kenda Big Blocks (K784), Michelin T63's, and D606's.

KillerD and Limited Slip recommended the T63's because of good street performance, though they reminded me that opinions about tires are all over the board. LS also said my current Avon Gripsters would be fine, given what terrain I'm riding and my (low) skill level. Mostly I want to get set up for a 1000-mile or so trip this summer almost entirely on gravel and dirt.

I don't know that I would recommend the TKC rear for KLR's. Tires can wear drastically different from bike to bike, and from what I've read/experienced, the TKC does not play well with big bore singles. A friend and I rode the WABDR, both with TKC's. My Beemer used very little tread compared to his KLR, which basically destroyed the rear TKC in one trip. Afterwards he read on other KLR forums the same experiences. We are both using K60 scouts right now. I hate the rear and he loves it. go figure.
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