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Originally Posted by CrackedCanyon View Post
Zuber, I just ran across an ADV post from you from 8/12:

"The Conti TKC80's are the best full-knobby on the street. They are a little more expensive, but wear far longer than any other when inflated properly. They will stick on pavement like a dual sport tire, only starting to slide at the ragged edge.

"The next best are the Pirelli MT21's. Cheaper, good traction if you have them pumped up, when they let go it is very predictable. These will start to slide a little long before they let go completely."

Anything else you'd add as advice for me?
I'm up in Seattle. Just went to the M/C show, it was PACKED.

KLR's get great traction. I'd put a TKC on the front and any dualsport tire on the back. Good combo of wear and traction.
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