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Originally Posted by henrymartin View Post
No problem guys! Anything else, let me know.

I plan to do the same for the Britannia Lynx install.

Sorry that the pics are too big. I always copy pics from my blog without issues, but the last few post here too large. I tried resizing in "edit post" and it bounces back to the large size again. Something must have changed with ADV site itself.

Anyway, if the post is too large, I can just delete it and leave a link to the blog post.

Thanks for the detailed report !

One question, once there:
Loosen the fork caps on the bike. Once you remove the forks, remove the fork caps completely and turn the forks upside down. When all the oil drains, take out the springs and the little rod in the damper, move damper rod up and down a few times to drain rest of the oil, and set the forks on a bench.
If I were just going to change fork oil... could i just stop here and jump to:

Standing the fork vertically, fill it to the top of inner tube with your fork oil. You have to remove the spring guide and the rod inside the damper for this procedure)
My bike sees very few dust, no sand or mud, so i guess i should change oil someday but that's all...
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