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mention it tomorrow at the meet-up,,if anyone shows,,
I have had several over the years,,high dollar to discount.
Have the BILT explorer I bought for $100 ,,fits okay, good wide visibility, lightweight,, guaranteed!,,and only a hunnert bucks at the time..It is missing a small screw from the visor,, I should take it back and get a new one!
My $530 Arai XD, as VDuckevinfelixhelix mentioned,,worst fogging visor I have ever ridden inside!
I was amazed that such a high end helmet had such poor visual distortion as well,, the face shield is good,, all the way up, or all the way down,,but crack it open a bit and it's like looking thru water, and the angular distortion inherent from same. and just horrible at night!
At less than half the cost, my old HJC never did that.
Nor does this El Cheapo cycle gear hat.
The peak over the visor,,(the bill on a ballcap) is really nice to have when you are riding in sunny directions!,,the Arai has a great one, the Bilt variety could be a bit longer, and other than that, you can add an aftermnarket peak to any helmet, with snaps riveted on.
Find a store with a good selection and try them all on,,but here in duck town that means hitting ALL the possible stores,,choices are limited for testing and trying on.
Start at the BMW boutique on W 11th,, ask to see the most expensive hat in the store,,,then shop from there,,
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