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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Yeah,...they rip your head off at around 90mph.
Thank goodness they're removable.

I still like the DS helmet (mine's a Shoei Hornet DS) due to the big nose/mouth space for breathing and less fogging, AND the full street-size visor for full insect & dirt protection. I never could get into the dirt-bike helmet w/ goggles thing.
The Icon bill is pretty innocuous at speed, and AJ has a good point on the nose/mouth space- makes eating corn dogs on the move easier
,,,,,,,,,, cuz ain't no black and chrome, loud piped, low speed frikken doo-rag and assless chap wearing freedom rider gonna strap that greasy mass of bacon dripping sooty metal to HIS amerericun steed! bears might gitcha!
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