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Talk about out of practice!!
are we about to see a return to the roadways,, another brother from another mother,, joining in on the road to discover?,,OR,, a disasster about to happen??
will he ride too fast on the first day,,on the ride home,,git a ticket! (I woulda if I coulda, but I was buyin' a klr),
I'd take a break,,stop for cocktails and cigars at the halfway point,You know, the truck stop with the rooms,,the trailers out back?,,you must have been there?!,,,well, never mind,, then ride terrified slow all the way home,,, or have 3 extra drinks,, and ride balls out!,,go for it,, you only die once!
I once had a bike that would go 180,,,

but it was always 180 from the direction I wanted it to go!
not gonna make it to OC .
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV
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