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DAY 8 FRIDAY (2/7): Guadalupe Cascadas & Crossing Lago Salado for Tacos in Mexicali

FRIDAY morning... well, ok, we were already up and soaking and then back to sleep but when we woke up to stay up -- Chris was much more excited by the waterfall and driving across the lake bed options for the day and I thought I could easily spend the entire day alternating between two activities: soaking in our hot pool & relaxing in my hammock.

The man was promised a dry lake bed, so I made up some coffee and we reviewed maps over breakfast and started off with an early morning exploration of the canyon to the first waterfall and around to the hot springs on the other side of the canyon.

Post-hike soak & light lunch -- then we headed off to explore the Lago Salado. A vast expanse of dry lakebed criss-crossed by tracks -- obviously regularly used -- but we saw NO vehicular traffic of any kind, though we did occasionally see small hand lettered signs pointing to "Mexicali" or "Hot Springs" or "Ejido"

That lake was FUN - we didn't stop to take pictures - we just went flying along at 80mph on tacky sandy-mud, occasionally finding a bit of track with some bumps or deep sand or going off onto the side and sending off a rooster tail spray of mud chips... WHEE!!!

Once we got back on the 2 Cuota, we found the next gas station and filled up, headed into Mexicali to find Chris some tacos.

Here is a portrait of a very happy man enjoying his tacos with tremendous delight:

It seems like we were stuck in the auto parts/tires/salvage section of Mexicali -- and it wasn't pretty. Wanting to get back across Lago Salado before dark so we would know where to turn West ("look for the 4 phone poles" we were told) -- we headed off, stopping only at the grocery store to pick up 4 large cans of Tecate (apparently, that was NOT enough!), a couple of cokes and some chips. This would be my 3rd Coke in 2 days, more than I have had in the past 10 years!

Chris only has a stock tank, so I insisted we pick up more gas to refill his tank after our 35 miles across the lake bed. I thought we'd just pick up a nice little red 1 gal can somewhere -- but we didn't. However, in Mexico - you can just use... whatever. If the gas doesn't melt the plastic, you're good to go!

I am very happy to report that the water bottle did not split or crack and we did not create a toxic waste hazard in the lake bed! We zipped along til we got to where we could see the olive orchard along the foothills, our turn off just south of that -- so we stopped to fuel up the DRs and share a Tecate and some chips.

YEAH! HIGH FIVE! Time to open a Tecate!

We returned to La Zorra, visited with the owner's daughter & her husband who take care of the place and then met a group of new arrivals from Mexicali -- employees of a company that manufactures industrial shelving. They were camping out so they could go watch a race on the lago over the weekend and invited us to their campfire, we had a lot of fun and much Tecate light was consumed. I think Chris expanded his Spanish skills a lot at that bonfire!

And then... more soaking and bed time! ZZZZ!!
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