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Originally Posted by gnath9 View Post
I had it installed in November and I live in Nebraska so ... I only have a little over 200 miles on it I think ... maybe 300 because I did get to ride it twice last month. For me this bike is for fun not transportation so It has to be above 35 and dry roads before I take it out.
I have had no issues with it and as the miles rack up it feels better with every ride.
I will say it is not as smooth as it was stock and the new cylinder is steel not aluminum. Don't take this as it runs rough or anything odd ... it is just not butter like it was and I can feel a slight vibration. I do not think it will last as long as a stock engine would but ... I think it may go 25,000 miles before needing some new rings or whatever. this is all just a guess tho as I have not a clue. I know a guy that has 4,700 miles without a single issue as well. So my hopes are high and confident. But, this thing can lift the front tire with ease in second gear now. I have a new wheel set coming and I am going with 14/48 gearing since I do not ride highways or commute with the bike. I am hoping for 3rd gear wheelies and if that does not work then the 13T will go back on it.
Oh man I can't wait to have this set up on my bike....
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