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For 2015 I am planning a long ride in Eastern Europe, for 2 or 3 months.
So by the end of November 2013 I got myself a new CRF 250 L.
It is supposed to be a relative cheap bike, but at $ 9500,- OTD that is not cheap anymore.
But there was a full toolkit included and 6 owners manuals in different European languages.
That should make up for the more then $4000 price difference between here and the rest of the world.
It could also be from the high tax that is paid here on motorcycles.

Anyway there are a few issues that have to be fixed to customize the bike for my needs, while still leaving it as much stock as possible.
Suspension and some lowering, I am getting old, 67 and do not want too much acrobatics just to get on the bike.
Luggage for minimalist touring.
Engine protection, still in the planning.

The lowering was simple, a new clevis for the rear shock, 17 mm shorter then stock.
To prevent the rear wheel of hitting the rear frame when bottoming out, I shortened the stroke of the rear shock by 5/8 inch.
This was accomplished by changing the metal disk that is on top of the clevis, with a disk that is 5/8 thicker.
To get at the same time some more pre-load adjustment, of the 5/8 is added on the clevis side.
At first I tried a pre-load adjustment, but that left the rear still too soft.
At the front I lowered the forks a bit.
As a mechanical engineer it is no problem to make this stuff by myself, most from stainless steel.

Some pictures of the result:

It started raining before I could finish tightening up the bolts, the red stuff around the bolts is new grease for the joints.

New disk , picture taken from the clevis side.

Side view

For the luggage a rear rack was made, I am still working on some side racks, that will be bolt on.

For my daily commute I added a top box, but for traveling I will use soft luggage.
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