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meet at 23rd and A at 10,,ride 18 to 1824 over the top to 1802,,or 1910 or 12 down 2 Oalkgridge, back on north shore,,, just saying,, dogitter needs to burn some gas, make up his mind where he wants to ride, and call it!
we all saddle up on GREAT Biggs and Strappon minibikes and ride a timed circuit marked out in the parking lot of the most prideful mortuary and,,and a quick one way lap among the tombstones!,,do not fall down on this ride!
first one back to "the smoker" wins a box of ashes,,could be your dead wife,,could be several small orphans, could be ashes from jesus!
I'm riding someplace where all yff's aren't,
but I may be asking for you to ride with me for a bit on this upcoming procession.
I will try to ride around the grief, or jump it in short hops,,
you and anybody that looks like you,,blah, blah,,
Shogs!,, fix the broken,,recycle, reuse,,confuse!
non pay attentioners,, speak up foolishly,,pee on their own shoes,,
wants to ride,,seeks permission from strangers.
Not arriving late in your state, unaided and alone, lost or intentional sidetracked.
I can't ride that fuggin fast Gwen!,,you'll burn up my KLR if I try to ride withcha!,,love you though I am right now,, It is a whole different ADV from the days of old,,nobody rides I guess!,,love you,,if this misguided post finds you, but you knew that!,,,
You owe me ,,(calculates,,mental imaging, heart felt shit,, sorrow abated),,about 3.658 (serious) kisses, and a hunnert and forty two spine crushing hugs!
You only put lights in yer hat because you didn't plan to take it off for long,

Tonawanda frikken engine casting plant,,has nothing to do with ADV, or my Sister Shogs, or any other waste of time that is actual living!,,and it IS all a waste of time,, it's all about how effectively you waste what time you have!
Happy is one of the ultimate criteria of success,,peace is a big one too. IMO,,
memories are the contrived mental outcomes of the way you hoped things were!
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV

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