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Glad you enjoyed yourself, but you should have come west
I had a good time for sure, OMB was probably bored trying to keep it slow enough that I stayed in his mirror. With my limited experience and 1/2 the hp I was working pretty hard to keep up till he took pity on me.
When we came down off the north end of Fisk rd, I actually saw DUST!! off OMB's tires. Couple that with new growth...

and I'm giggling about the good weather on it's way. But then a wrench got tossed in those thoughts.

Before we got off the assfault a bird tried a kamikaze run on the big bike. 1/2 way up the west side of Mary's Peak we came around one corner and had to wait for a doe to make room for us. She headed up the hill and we went on just to have her, or another, pop back out on the road around the corner and show us her ass again.
Then right after one intersection we stopped at, the red rocket took off and I saw a cow elk standing on the hill 30yds away checking me out. I layed on the horn and OMB got back soon enough to catch it heading through the trees. Couple more deer later on also.
About the middle of Nowhere Forest we took a little unplanned rest stop too. Even though both of us had plenty of air the fatknobby was missing some.

Had a great burger at the Alpine International Cuisine University, really hit the spot.
All in all, a pretty good day, even if it turned ugly and gray 2/3 of the way through.
So many rides, so little time.

Loren, somewhere on a DR350SE
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