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Originally Posted by Pilgrim21784 View Post
JMO: Having been through a 250cc Reflex (which I consider barely a "maxi"), MP3 400, TMAX 500 & currently riding a '12 Silverwing 582, I'm convinced that the 500cc ride meets all my requirements in weight, HP and general ride preferences.

It just has to have ABS and be sub-500#. As a 63 y.o. relatively inexperienced rider with a bad back, knees and ankle - a lowered seat TMAX with ABS would be my perfect ride.

I only sold my '09 TMAX because of no ABS (US models only; its been available in Europe w/ABS for years). I'm aware that many highly skilled riders don't like ABS.

For me, ABS is an absolute necessity. My riding environment has Bambi (and turkey buzzards eating road kill) as my greatest risk factors. I'm a retired bum and avoid cager environments in most instances.

I'll be long dead before I have the skill level to equal or exceed ABS performance, most especially in wet conditions. I've only been riding since 2007 and will not ride a non-ABS scooter (excepting the small bore beach or around town stuff).

Interestingly, my riding buddies who meet the highly skilled classification and previously gigged me about being an ABS wuss will no longer bet money on head to head tests of higher speed (50>+) panic stop braking runs in wet conditions.

That is both a testament to their smarts, experience with me and all available data. The few who did try it against my SW at 50mph+ & $100 a pop lost money in every try (& some lost it and crashed trying).

So, for me, my '12 SW will go the distance until an ABS TMAX (+ a re-worked seat lowered to 30") is available in the US. Low step through, <500#, ABS, PWR of 11:1 or less, seat height 30" or less and I'm good to go.
I'm with you on the need for ABS brakes. At almost age 72, I need all the help I can get. A few years ago, ABS saved me from going down on a panic stop in Kansas while riding my BMW R1150RT. If the TMax had ABS, then I'd have one.
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