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Jim - Wow - crazy! Where were you guys? I recognize Steve's mug there too..

Glad to hear you got it out quickly and easily. Similar to when my 520 when in the drink. Totally salvageable and came back together easily with a little draining... Glad to hear you got it running and quickly.

Somehow mine was completely flooded with water - both oil and transmission, in the gas, air filter of course, in the exhaust header, muffler packing, was hydrolocked, and also took out my ring seal possibly from trying to use the starter to get water out after the fact. Best way is to put upside down as you guys did...

Did the whole top end yesterday. Didn't hone but it only had maybe 20 hours on it since the previous time. Maybe should have honed, or will next time. These 08 and later bikes are pretty amazing for pretty major work - designed for easy top end servicing - don't even have to break the cam chain, it slips right off.. Did the rings in maybe 4 hours total. So far seems to be running great and doesn't appear to be burning any oil as far as I can tell and similar power to before. So lucked out..

Also huge thanks to Ryman - sent me an extra set of genuine KTM head gaskets for free.. Owe you some beer or a breakfast or two so something...

On the 08-11s with the crappy piston ring design. Also turns out the Vertex rings fit the stock piston or their vertex piston so you don't even have to replace the stock piston. You can do a top end on these pretty cheaply. I'd say less than $100 assuming no major machine work (hone only)...
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