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Steamboat Springs usually puts on a ridiculously long and elaborate show for a small town. There are a couple of wealthy local guys that have taken up the cause, and building fireworks has become a hobby of theirs. The only time that they don't put on the show ........ is when fire danger is extreme. It's rare that they ever have to cancel it.

We just recently celebrated our 101st Winter Carnival. Again, it was another "over the top" fireworks show. The largest fireworks shell ever shot in North America ....... is a 36" shell. We had a 36", 500lb. shell in our fireworks show a few weeks ago! Supposedly they had to get FAA clearance to shoot that shell as it entered the airport flight path! Future plans are for the local guys to build a 54" shell for a TBD local show, and then have the world record in Steamboat. Like I said, "OVER THE TOP". There's a short article in the Feb. 2nd Steamboat Paper about it.

What they spend on fireworks here every year could probably cure cancer or end hunger .............. or at least buy a lot of fuel and farkles!
Luv it. Wish I could have been there. We used to go to the July 4 show at Mono Lake when I was working out there. They would set off barrels of gasoline with dynamite to start the show off. Low tech stuff, but really inspiring. Then the show went of to lots of big colored blasts over the lake.
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