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Originally Posted by TymeRider View Post
If I'm making some gussets and brackets to weld to the subframe, how important is it to use the same grade steel as the subframe itself? Can you weld mild steel to chrome-moly and visa-versa?

This is for a BMW X-Country rear subframe, which I assume is made of mild steel like 1018? Or is it chrome-moly like 4130?

I'm going to make the brackets myself, but have a professional welder do the welding.


The 4130 Chromoly steel is a higher tensile strength than 1018 but you can weld them together. Use an ER80S-D2 welding wire like Super Arc LA90 to match the 4130 or use a mild steel ER70S-6 it match the 1018. Either will work.

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