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Some of you may be aware of Google's research into automonous vehicles. I recently read a very interesting and informative article in The New Yorker about the beginnings of that research and their progress.

Article here:

In relation to this counter steering thread, I recently recalled the following paraphraph from that article:

"Finally, a year into the project, a Russian engineer named Alex Krasnov cracked the code. They’d thought that stability was a complex, nonlinear problem, but it turned out to be fairly simple. When the bike tipped to one side, Krasnov had it steer ever so slightly in the same direction. This created centrifugal acceleration that pulled the bike upright again. By doing this over and over, tracing tiny S-curves as it went, the motorcycle could hold to a straight line. On the video clip from that day, the bike wobbles a little at first, like a baby giraffe finding its legs, then suddenly, confidently circles the field—as if guided by an invisible hand. They called it the Ghost Rider."

This sentence in particular: "When the bike tipped to one side, Krasnov had it steer ever so slightly in the same direction."

My attempt at rephrasing: If a leaning bike steers in in the direction of the lean, it stands up. To me the inverse would then be true, if a leaning bike steers in the opposite direction of the lean (counter steer), it leans further.

I would suggest that this is engineering evidence of the effect of counter steering.

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