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Originally Posted by murph76 View Post
why not take the gas tank out and develop a mold with your camel tank to make it all one unit again?...that camel tank is nice ,next on my list...after i take care of the the way r u still going to take over indy's shock bolt solution?
There are several reasons I didn't go that route.

-Ease of install. The Camel Tank can be installed with basic tools in about an hour. If people had to remove the stock tank and replace it with the new one it would take much longer as it requires disassembling the back half of the bike, removing subframe etc.

-The complexity of the the mold would make it very costly not to mention the huge increase of man hours designing it.

-Making an add on tank allowed me to make 2 versions to cover many pannier designs. Making a large one piece would lead to too many compromises.

-The final cost of the tank would significantly more the current version.

If the factory F800 cracked fuel tank issue was affecting a much larger percentage of bikes and they weren't being covered under warranty, then an aftermarket replacement (larger) would potentially be feasible.

I do have a few other projects on the go, one of them is Indy's shock kit (he knows and gave me the thumbs up).

Camel Tank auxiliary fuel tanks for KTM 1050/1190/1290 and F-series BMW twins.
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