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Staying Strong

Hey Dale,

How is it going these days. Eight years, huh? Are you still engaged? No, not with a ring, I mean head down and focused. For many of us when the doc's said there was nothing more they could do for us, depression set in. What? Fix me, damn it!

But the reality of it is that we don't know much about the human body. So, we just have to work with what we have. At eight years some of us had regained some mobility, some not. Whatever. So where are you now? What's up? Where are you heading? Fill us in, ok?

A few months ago, on the night of the 10-year anniversary of my crash, I was limping with a cane into a little Milonga in Buenos Aires. Ten years before, when I woke up in the hospital paralyzed from the chest down, I had promised myself that someday I would dance again even if it is in a wheelchair or on crutches or feet. You know, we need to promise ourselves stuff to keep going. So on the night of 7 November as I hobbled around the wooden dance floor with a beautiful partner, I took you with me. In the dim light I said, this Tango is for Dale.

Wherever you are now I hope you are smiling because you are still working hard on your promises. You are still going strong.

Your SCI Buddy,
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