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The ''elephant'' fairing I think is for both design and function. It is wide, where it needs to be to protect the navigation instruments and deflect the air from the rider and it is thin down below to create this unique effect. For sure you can distinguish it from the others

The kit in the bike that you chose to see, indeed it is far out. But the reason is that you do not have to look so far down when navigating. It has some +ves and -ves. The closer you have it on the handlebars the less pendulum effect, but the more down you have to look. If you carefully see the posture of this particular rider you can see that he has to lower his eyesight, let's say 45 degrees to see the roadbook. If it was mounted in the handlebars he would have to look 90 degrees down. Then again, the more these things stick out the more dangerous it is to hit you during riding in case sth goes out of balance with the fornt end...

That one seems even a bit high and close. A little Too In Your Face, but the real problem with that setup is the lack of sticker real estate. Even though I like the whole industrial/transformer thing.
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