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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
All respect to the rider in question... and I understand (and agree) with the mechanics and principle of the handlebar mounted "pendulum" effect you describe Dimi...

But I think that rider induced fatigue and (lack of) concentration (ie. eyes focussed only three feet ahead on the piste) had more to do with the "surprise" incident depicted in the video (and the loop out restart manouver) than any inherrent design fault with the nav tower set up.

They are some wild goat tracks that Rainer and the Tuareg ORGA team have set out for this year!
I don't mean fault, don't get me wrong, I was discussing the problem of putting the Roadbook high compared to very low position as this for example:

This particular example does not seem to fit the bill (the one in the Video I mean) cause we have to do with surprise, terrain, fatigue. But I have seen in a series of bumps, or in one bump that the rider is get caught that the higher the roadbook the more chances there are to hit you in the face.

The pendulum effect I so far, know it is there because of the stationary tests. I have yet to notice it when riding

Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
That one seems even a bit high and close. A little Too In Your Face, but the real problem with that setup is the lack of sticker real estate. Even though I like the whole industrial/transformer thing.
+1 I am also a ''mad max'' approach guy
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