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Time to Ride!

I'll reply to three replies here (thanks guys):
Silverspurs-- That's really interesting what you mention about the IAMC Challenge having a level of difficulty to some destinations that would benefit from using an FE450. Oh that is so tempting now. If only I were retired...
While I cannot do the whole thing, it would be a good excuse to join up with some new-to-me riders to try individual Challenge destinations together?

SCExpat-- you are going to absolutely love your SeatConcepts treatment. I have one each on my Berg and 250XC (horrors! on an enduro bike? Yup, it works, no movement impediment, just a less-sore posterior).

Daxm-- "Welcome! Now you get to wait for the ice to melt and the ground to dry with the rest of us! :-)"
Thank you! Well, the precip has really been something special lately (a little lightning and hail in East end this PM to boot), but a great weekend is forecast-- sunny, 60s.
Perfect for the DEZ: TVTMA is hosting an open-invite ride (called the Chili Ride) this weekend near Murphy ID in the Owyhee Front Range BLM OHV area, where the snow is long-gone and the sand will be tacky and rail-able!
No cost, no membership required, but they hope to generate members through the event by giving a chance for folks to get to know the rabble at a real-time good-time.

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