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Just got back from The dealer and had my first look at the xb12. Up till this point I had my heart set on a 1200gs next summer, but now I have another alternative.
If any of you current riders wouldn't mind answering a few questions that either the dealer was not able to answer or I was too embarassed to ask, it would help me out a lot.
How realistic is the the 62mpg?
What aftermarket windscreen options are there?
How's the luggage holding up?
Is there a trend of problems maintanence-wise on any specific components? And if so how well is Buell addressing them?
Tires: who else besides Dunlop makes tires that will fit those rims?
Seat comfort/ handlebar vibration's?
Potential for rock damge to pipe and belt?
Potential for damage to oil cooler on left side if you dump it?
I'm 6'3 and it seemed to fit me well, but what are your squaws saying about the back seat? Any problem with the rear pegs for her when the luggage is on, it looked tight.
I'm not a sporty rider so I don't really care how far you can lean it over or anything lke that. Reliability is my number ONE concern for my bike. If Honda would introduce the Veredaro in the US, I'd probably go that route, but alas, not an option. (I'll not get started on that subject)
If these questions have already been posed and answered, forgive me.
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Sometimes I live in the town,
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