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That could of been us. A black and white new gen KLR and a black old school KLR. Ended up on Valley Chapel via Hangman, Rockford, Valley Ford and then down the back way to visit A19 in Chester. Kind of a usual early spring shakedown. Lots of sand on those there roads.
Might have been. Coulda swore it was a beemer but my eyes aren't great and the new KLR in black and white looks a lot more like it than the old(er) school ones.

Also, any chance any of you guys are my neighbors? Up on 30th on the South hill. Guy (or gal, I suppose)a few houses down has a KLR 650 (noticed when the garage was open), but I've never seen him leave the house. Alsonoticed a DRZ 400 parked off of 29th.
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