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>How realistic is the the 62mpg?
50's are more realistic

>What aftermarket windscreen options are there?
Lots: Buell, Cee Bailey, Gustaffson and more.

>How's the luggage holding up?
Better than my BMW stuff.

>Is there a trend of problems maintanence-wise on any specific >components? And if so how well is Buell addressing them?
No problems on either of my Buells.

>Tires: who else besides Dunlop makes tires that will fit those rims?
Everyone makes good 17" tires in either dual sport or sport touring treads.

>Seat comfort/ handlebar vibration's?
Best seat I've ever had.

>Potential for rock damge to pipe and belt?
Buell threw rocks in the belt during testing. Pipe is a jacking point.

>Potential for damage to oil cooler on left side if you dump it?
Who knows.

>I'm 6'3 and it seemed to fit me well, but what are your squaws saying about >the back seat? Any problem with the rear pegs for her when the luggage is >on, it looked tight.
My wife loves it.

>I'm not a sporty rider so I don't really care how far you can lean it over or >anything lke that. Reliability is my number ONE concern for my bike.

Buell comes with 2 year 24,000 warrenty. I've owned Buells since 1998. Reliability issues were solved years ago. I've had more issues with my BMW's than my Buells.

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