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Originally Posted by nw scout View Post
Well, I had hoped to get out and try this copter out before the shoot came up so thanks for the offers guys. The shoot happened earlyer than expected so I tested what I could then headed to AZ for the shoot and hoped for the best.

It just was released yesterday. You can check it out here

The copter clips are intermixed in with all the other footage we shot, but its pretty obvious which they are when you see them.

I just back from Texas from another shoot and will be filming lots more stuff personal here in town over the next few weeks. So, if anyone is still interested in getting out, just lewt me know
Great job getting up to speed so quickly with your new toy. Video turned out well. Looks like I need to break down and buy the dji Naza control and have a little piece of mind when flying. Being able to hold altitude while panning or moving without having to think about it would be nice. Does your quad have the Zenmuse gimbal? It's on my wish list as well.

Our walk through the orchard yesterday reveled a few pear buds starting to pop. I'll let you know when you should be thinking about heading this way for the blossoms.
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