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How realistic is the 62mpg?
>Not very, EPA missed the mark on this one. I get anywhere from 38 to 52.
What aftermarket windscreen options are there?

>I have the Cee-Bailey +2.5" and it's perfect. Takes all the wind blast off my chest with no buffeting at helmet level.
How's the luggage holding up?

>No problems with mine. I've heard of the latches breaking if you force them. Easily replaced.
Is there a trend of problems maintenance-wise on any specific components?

>Nothing major, the only specific I've heard about is the license plate light brackets break off. Mine has also. $8.00 part 5 minute replacement.
Tires: who else besides Dunlop makes tires that will fit those rims?

>I'm trying the Scorpion syncs when mine are used up. Lots of choices if you don't want knobbies.
Seat comfort/ handlebar vibration's?

>This is by far the most comfortable seat / motorcycle I have ever ridden on. You can spend hours and hours in that saddle, you just want to keep riding!!
Potential for rock damage to pipe and belt?

>I've heard of only one belt breaking so far. The pipe is susceptible to rust if you chip the paint off, so some maintenance is needed to keep it painted. The pipe is steel and probably stronger than a lot of the aluminum bash plates you see on some other bikes. Haven't heard of anyone crunching one yet.
Potential for damage to oil cooler on left side if you dump it?

>I've heard of a few crashes on road and off and no one yet has reported breaking the oil cooler.
I'm 6'3 and it seemed to fit me well, but what are your squaws saying about the back seat?

>I'm 6'3" also, fits me perfectly. My wife LOVES the back seat as well as the triple tail. Lots of room back there, and with hand holds too.
So much room she doesn't even touch me . I have to look every once in a while to make sure she's still back there!
Any problem with the rear pegs for her when the luggage is on, it looked tight.
>No problems, plenty of room.
I'm not a sporty rider so I don't really care how far you can lean it over or anything like that. Reliability is my number ONE concern for my bike.

>Very simple, low maintenance machine. Great warranty as well.
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