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Was at the beach last weekend and decided to take a very unimproved beach access road. I've done this road many times through the years on different bikes, my old Baja, the Blazer and in the Colorado. So when I seen the high water sign on an old barricade I just rolled my eyes and told Sue "yeah big puddles, big deal". Come up to the first puddle that was about 50' long and across the entire road, no big deal, I know the road and it has a very solid base, forge through it with no problem. The second one was a bit bigger, but went on through and "oh shit that was deep" I got out and checked waterline on the Colorado and saw that the water had gone over the front bumper, but all was good. Came up to a third puddle just as big or bigger with another big puddle just beyond that. After a bit of pondering I decided to take no more chances and turned around.

Going through the second puddle.

Took a different line through the second puddle thinking I just hit a low spot, and when I was almost through it the nose of the truck dove down and water came over the hood the truck went through with no problem and I checked the air box right away and there was just a small amount of water in the bottom that I wiped up and all was good.

Maybe I'll do it in the Blazer in a couple of weeks.
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