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Originally Posted by BladeFlap
thanks Milar,
I'm aware of how frustrating it is hearing the same old questions over and over. Been reading through the last years worth of posts and overall most of the opinions seems to echo yours in regards to reliability.
I do see one recuring gripe regarding the turn radius. I did not bother to play with it that much at the dealer. Is it really that much of a problem?
Not for me. But I've owned a series of Ducati's. Compared to them
the Buell turns on a dime.

In general, no bike is perfect. I'll be candid. Some folks like the "flawless perfection" of Japanese bikes. Some folks like the "character" of Euro bikes. My riding buddy loves his Honda/Suzuki models and dislikes my BMW/Ducati/Buell bikes. On the other hand, I find his Hondas boring. If you are a "died in the wool" Honda guy, you should try the Buell before you buy. You might prefer a V-Strom or maybe the Tri. Tiger.

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