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Move to Boise?

Hey guys, just found this thread and have a few questions for you guys.

We discovered Boise last summer when we visited Boise State for my daughter ( looks like she has settled on Boise state) to check out as a potential place of higher learning.
We were there for 5 days and took in the school and all the local amenities.
After coming home we just couldn't get Boise off our mind.
We were blown away by the whole vibe of the place. I am originally from the deep south ( Fla.) and am a pretty conservative guy and have never really fit in here in Socal.
Boise seems much more conservative and just has a wholesomeness about it we have been missing.

So tell me, would this be a good place to move our expanding business?
I all ready know that the riding up there is epic, but what about the business climate.
I have some industry friends up there and they have favorable things to say.
Traffic is a breeze compared to here, so already love that.
But what say yee?

The 80`s..........ah yes...back in the days when men looked like women, women dressed like whores and the music F@#KING ROCKED!

Check out , your ass will appreciate it!
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