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Originally Posted by MotoNerd View Post
Hey all!! Took my first Day Trip of 2014.. nothing too crazy, because I slept in way too late!! Ahhh, lucky me, I know! March 12, 2014, headed down south to Steptoe Butte State Park.. What a great place! Was telling myself the whole way up the butte, I bet I'm the the only one here.. get to the top, and there was a GS Adventure sitting there.. love us ADV folks! Then a car came up after he left..
Nice looking Strom there! Color me jealous.

So, bike show tomorrow!!! In case anyone forgot, Skyway Cafe 9 am sharp! Or there abouts... I'll probably be late. Info:

Also, if anyone has spotted a TW200 lately, I'm freaking desperate.

I've literally climbed through three barns to look at peoples "great running" "Mid-90s" TW200s. They've all been '87s. None of them have had their oil changed in over 10 years. One has carb issues, one has CDI issues, one is rusted to oblivion. All needed tires. None of them would take a dime under $1000 for their 27 year old, rusted hunks of junk.

Oh, and welcome to the forum KlodHopper. Join us tomorrow at the pre-show breakfast!
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