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Yes. I've been in twice to poke around. Really nice guy and fun to talk too. I was there over 30 minutes once just talking with him. He let me see what he was working on in the back. He had a partner, but the partner sort of backed out on him.

Believe it or not he is really more of a snowmobile shop. He can also hook you up with a snowbike kit (track kit) for your dirtbike. He knows a lot about sleds and the snowbikes. They have been here for a couple of years now. From what I recall, they were mainly an online company that sort of got asked to setup a store front.

He doesn't have a tire machine but he does have levers. He has a bunch of basics like fuel line and oil. Kind of this and that. He said that he could probably order some things if somebody wanted something in particular. Mainly the only bike things he really has are the things that will also work with a snowmobile.

Doesn't hurt to stop in to ask about what you need and talk with him. He might be able to help you or he might direct you somewhere else.

So not exactly this then?

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