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Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post
I checked on the first campground and since it is Glacier NP and it will be in peak season....[]. ..does anyone make a group reservation or do we do that on our own?

I doubt if remote locations are an issue and Fish Creek does take reservations...

Sat at the start; where in Troy and at what time should we meet?

Sorry if I missed this information in previous posts.

Originally Posted by Kinsman View Post
That right.
Well I have no problem with camping in the wild. I'd prefer it actually.[/QUOT

Fish Creek limits: 2 vehicles per site / 8 persons [NA for us!] and no group site.....

Sooooooo, it sounds like we need to reserve a site per two bikes [lots of reservations already made if I read the website correctly] or we need an alternate site or we all just scrounge for ourselves and meet somewhere Sun AM....

Wansfel....if we are locked into Fish Creek please let me know ASAP and I will reserve a site..

Thanks again...Phil
Originally Posted by Timmer View Post
You all are getting a sniff of the myriad of details that Ron and I constantly think about and how to solve. Please continue to raise the issues, but don't necessarily look for immediate solutions other than the dates are LOCKED IN. We'll release information as we think is necessary to do so.

Right now, what we really need is a count of who's in. Could you please repost your intent to join us after this message. I'll then post the participants on the first page of this thread. While it's not optimal, we may need to disperse our first night's camping and have a common Saturday morning meeting point.

Also, ALL relevant information needed for the ride will be re-posted on the first page so one doesn't have to wade through this thread (as interesting as it is!).
As it turns out, the very same dates that this trip is scheduled for are dates that are "locked down" in my work schedule - Locked down as vacation that is

So, since it just so happens that my vacation is this exact same time frame, it must be a sign So count me in.

Tim, you mentioned updating the "first page" (second post). As for me, having the full list of riders is fine, but I'd let them go all onto "one" line (letting the browser wrap as needed. I also don't need them numbered , so let me just repeat that list to see how it looks compact:

Riders: Wansfel, Timmer, DammitDave, BlackBoots, PArt, SoreButt, Olyrider, 4r22mny, airheadbruce, Kinsman, MoonDogMt, Wallowa, DirtyPatches, jonz, RidingAgin, Danodemotoman, Oldtimer, moto-treks, Roadglide, Laydybug0048, langstang96, StoneAgeMan

Personally I'd rather see a link to the blog and maybe some of the key reservation data on that "first post"

StoneAge man
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