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Originally Posted by StoneAgeMan View Post
Hi ya Ron

This year I'm bringing my CPAP machine, don't want to get tired and backup over anybodies bike! (also stops my snoring). I bought a special "little" lithium-ion battery that'll run it all night and recharge while riding the next day.

Looks like this will be a fun ride, time to mark up the Benchmark some more. I'll be running my favorite steed

she'll get trailered over from Seattle to around Troy, MT.

Now I just need to find somebody that's reserved a tent site and want's to split it (the site, I've got my own tent).

I'm also looking to split a tent site... Havent looked into availability yet but down to spilt if there is one.
Got a bunkhouse reserved at that campsite outside of troy Friday night before the official meet and start in troy. If anyone wants to chip in and split happy to share!
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