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I went to NC this past weekend and the GPS continued to freeze up on my above mentioned tweaking did not cure the problem.

I went to the Garmin website when P.Urquell suggested I update the firmware, and at that time, about 10 days ago, the most current version listed was the 2.04 that was already installed on my GPS. After talking with Garmin on the phone yesterday I was informed that 4 newer versions have come out since the 2.04. The newest being 2.20. The website reflects this now, so I updated mine and hopefully that will fix it. The 2.20 fine print specifically mentions my problem.

" Corrected intermittent problem that would cause the GPS to lockup during an off-route recalculation"

I also talked with the people at Cycoactive about the hardening process. I was told that with how I have the GPS installed on my bike,(Ram Mount/hard wired) and with the type of riding I do,(pavement/forrest roads) the hardening process was probably not necessary.

I'll see how the firmware update goes.
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