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In emails prior to the visit I first asked them about the ohv cert card and they responded that they are available at basically any bike shop for cheap, evidently we were talking about different things.
In person I made a point that the rider cert card is what I was asking about, and that I was so clueless I didn't know any facts about the vehicle sticker. They didn't know that Jan.1 this year EVERYONE that rides off road needs a cert card per the new laws, so I kinda of backed off asking more about it.
But the basis of my issue with it is at what point does a "road" become such that one is needed. They and I agree that isn't a well known definition, as there are gravel roads that any street legal vehicle can travel on and be completely ok, yet the ohv rules state any off hiway use, or some such. If anyone has a clearer definition of this situation I'd be interested in knowing it. Either the state is trying to encompass all "road" and "trail" situations into their rules solely for income purposes or they haven't defined what that actually means. Hell, there are plenty of unpaved sections of city street within lots of towns and county roads, all drivers need an ohv cert card to drive to work and such??? wth?
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