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And the dumb ass of the week award goes to . . .

Any of you good readers? Consider this act of brilliance first. While checking the timing, which I hate because I can't get too close with my glasses to see anything in a penny-sized hole, much less strobe lit, so I have to take off the glasses and get close in to see anything. Problem is the huge face on my oil temp dipstick sorta overlaps the peep hole. See below:

'Why not take it (meaning the dipstick) out?' Said the ijjit. So I do, then fire it up and get the gun fixed on the hole. I noticed it was a little foggy in the garage, but my glasses were off, so half-blind genius me just dismissed it as a little exhaust. Get in nice and close and find the timing is way retarded (low hanging fruit--don't degrade yourself on this one), then see tiny droplets of 'something' forming on the carb inlet tube when it hits me--it's fucking 20/50 shooting with exaggerated fervor out of that tiny dipstick hole! Dumb ass turns the bike off and wipes everything down. Thorazine 3.0 comes in the garage (a true gear head--comes running when he hears the bike running or the sound of tools dropping--activity and fun times to follow, he rightly deduces). He looks closely at me and asks what that shiny stuff is in my hair. Turns out only half of the oil spout was spraying oil all over the bike & garage. the other half sprayed straight into my hair.

Yup. That's me. I win!
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